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The local Etobicoke 10K marathon helps to keep the spirit of the town alive

Marathon, a long distance running event was recently held in the local community area. The marathon was open for all. People of all ages took part in the 10k marathon Like every year, the marathon took place in the scenic countryside. The local community participating in the marathon was delighted by the fun experience and sights as well as the sound of the city. People from the nearby city also came and took part in the marathon. According to Chelsea, a participant of the marathon said, as it was her first marathon she has never expected such fun can a simple running event can provide. This 10k marathon helped in keeping the spirit of the town alive because these events have some particular impact on the local community.

The first is the economic implications; this is necessary for reviving a town because through this dollars can be earned and that can be used in the different developing program of the town. Like, for example, the town can launch new dustbins on the road as a result; the roads will be cleaner and hygienic. To ensure this make sure the running event is conducted by a local running club or running director. The second is many local people get to volunteer the program as it is taking place in the community. The third is the restaurants and food centers can do a great business by providing many offers as well as sponsoring the event. Again, the relationship between the local people also strengthens by working and running together. In this event there were many sponsors, the local food place provided the people with water bottles and snacks during and after the event. A local club sponsored the lights and banners which were used to decorate the event. The event t-shirt was provided by a group of different companies who gave around 10k t-shirts and badges to the people running in the event. There was an auto glass service – website link – organization which provided a 50% discount to every contestant who took part in the event. The coupon was valid for next year event, and if the participant’s car gets any problem in their auto glass or windshield and requires replacement or repair, then the coupon will give 50% off for the next service. They also helped the event by providing a small bottle of water along with the coupon.

Running helps in keeping a fit body but running in a marathon helps to rejoice and freshen up the mind and body. The community people came enjoyed the 10k marathon and the sponsored companies also earned new customers by providing different types of goodies before, during and after the event. This marathon helped in keeping the community alive by organizing a social event, through which people of all ages took part in the event. The participants in the event gave entry fee which can later be used for the development of the society and local community.

Future tech trends for retail


Technological change over the decade has been drastic. The effects of technology development have positively and majorly affected data analysis, sharing of information and e-commerce. The use of internet and technology is growing everyday and these future trends are expected to continue affecting all aspects of business as discussed below.

E-commerce has evolved to the extent that a business cannot effectively face competitors without an online existence. Transactions are now simple and less involving. Customers place orders and pay for the product by simply submitting the credit card details on the company website. The websites will have to be coded in a way that it is easily accessible on mobile if not computers. This was not possible a few decades ago. Increasing sales will need any company that wants to grow its brand to have a serious online existence.

Marketing has changed from just in-store activations to social media and other online channels. Use of mobile and PC now play a bigger role in showcasing products. Most people now own smart phones (current stats, 2020 prediction); showcasing products will need retailers to target the larger group as a vital move to stay ahead of competition. This is expected to double up and actualize increasing sales and not just advertising. All brands want to maintain customers and improve convenience and customer’s experience. Critics argue that selling online denies customers the real feel of shopping like the smell of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Retailers are needed to invest in faster, simplified systems that excellently deliver services to customers – examples here. At the end of the decade, shoppers will need to buy things just by a simple click. Retailers will need to concentrate on the majorities that are usually stuck on their computers and mobile phones. Merchants may need to offer doorstep delivery as an after sales service, maybe at a small charge or for free. Customers have more and more expectations every other day. To retain customers retailers will need to create memorable and personalized experience for every new buyer. This can be done through gifting and creating customized packages. Find specialized contractor such as BIBD – General Contracting Company to help you get the design and build done.

The convenience of shopping is going to deeply affect how much sales are made. Tech addicts are quick to adapt the online shopping trend unlike the old-fashioned shoppers who are used to brick stores. In the near future the youth are going to be the majority in the market and influence buying decisions. More and more people are getting two jobs and do not have time to stand in long queues after shopping. Customer needs keep changing everyday and it is important to watch the new needs that keep cropping up.

Availability of information is powerful. Customer’s social groups provide reviews for new customers. Before anyone buys a product, they will want to be sure to get the value they need. A product with most positive reviews is likely to be sold more. Complains by customers have to be taken seriously since this goes a long way in retaining past clients. Information on what the customer needs also gives retailers the insight they need in order to vend the exact required product. There are companies that have come up offering research and data analysis services. Data will reveal the precise needs of the ever demanding customers. This can take the retailers a step further in satisfying their customers.