One can never deny that every house, be it new or old, needs some share of repair. However, the size or magnitude of the repair may vary and the expertise required to mend it may also differ. Here is where trustworthy handymen come to help. He may put an end to all your repair problems at one go.

However, it is better to keep the following criteria in mind before you start looking out for a proficient handyman.

Reference from family & friends

Your near and dear ones are the best source in your handyman hunting process. Be it your friends, family, co-workers, colleagues, associates they will never recommend a handyman who is not reliable and consistent when it comes to work. The recommendations by a close aid will save you a great deal of effort and pain in the handyman hunting. You will be aware of the pros and cons working with certain people beforehand.

Do Your Research

It is always suggested that you do some research before you employ any kind of handyman services, be it skilled or unskilled. Plenty of options are available, and it would be a smart decision to review and source information regarding handyman services, so that you do not regret later.

    Some of the points that can be researched are:

  • Whether one has the expertise required for the project
  • The pricing avenues, the prevailing market rates
  • Testimonials, criticism, analyses and reviews
  • The License and Insurance number
  • Recent work portfolios
  • Normal time required for work

Always interview

Never strike a deal with a handyman over phone. Follow the process of putting forth the problem in front of the handyman, take his quotations and give him a chance to prove that he is the right man for the job and is the master of it. You can always compare two or more quotations; it will give you an edge in choosing the right handyman services. However, before you finalize on the deal of hiring a handyman, ask him the following questions:

  • Cost and time bounds for the project?
  • Breakup in the price quotation?
  • Any similar project undertaken?
  • List of references if any?

Call up references

While you have taken some references of people whom the handyman has previously worked for. It is always better to call them up and check as to how their experience was- pros, cons and other details.

Arrange for permits

Small repairs like repairing of pipes or the floor does not require a permit from the Government. However, some repair works call for Government permission. The Handyman may help you get the permit, but may charge his own fee.

Scope of work

It is better that the scope of work is clearly mentioned in the agreement. Sometimes, not determining the scope of work leads to miscommunication, delay in work and difference in payment. Make it a point to map out the entire project agreed upon on paper.

License and Insurance verification

Most of the time we do not heed to check the license number of the handyman/contractor. There are chances that the handyman is lying about his license number, hence verification with the local government becomes necessary. Apart from the license number, it is important that the handyman has insurance coverage. If not you may land up in a soup.

Avoid the lowest Bidder

In the excitement of saving some money never hurry to the lowest bidder. Your work may be delayed, not meet the expected standard, quality of service may be low or sometimes even spoilt in the race to go cheap.


You need to always remember that you have an upper hand in the relationship with the handyman as you hold all the funds. However, if the handyman demands full payments before completion of the project or you pay him full amount before the completion of the project you lose power. A mere token advance or some other fees that has been paid does not harm.

However, though you undergo a rigorous process of hunting the right handyman, it is always better that you first look up to build a trustworthy, reliable relationship with the handyman in order to see that your work is well done within the scheduled time frame.

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