Usain Bolt is the fastest man on earth currently. He is an 11 times world champion, triple world record holder, 9-time Olympic champion, three-time Laureate world sportsman of the year holder. He is nothing short of amazing. Then you have the 45th Anniversary Edition of the Nissan GT-R in Gold It’s a supercar in its own right that is track ready. While Car and Driver rank it 6th in its best supercars, you can’t discount this one to be subpar.

The Comparison Between the Two

The car is worth a fortune, so is Usain Bolt admittedly. The one that Bolt received, a Gold Nissan GT-R, based on the 2013 model, is worth approximately $38 million (you can get one too that will cost you a little over $100k). But this car was also something that he helped to plan, considering he already has a black one. The car has a white interior and has been customized to his driving style based on when he took a test drive in 2012. It can go from zero to 60 in under three seconds. Much like its human owner as well.

Usain Bolt holds numerous records. The summer 2016 Olympics proved his worthiness and speed on the track. He completed and earned the Triple Triple as they called it when he and his team won the men’s 4x100m relay. He started his winning streak in 2008 when he won both the 100 and 200m races earning world records, plus three Olympic golds at the 2012 London games, beating his own record in the 100m race.  The triple-triple which he accomplished in 2016 was due to him earning three gold medals at three consecutive Olympics.

The Nissan GT-R came on the scene in 2007, the same year that Bolt sped past the nation 200m record that was held for more than three decades. The car made its debut and had people turning their heads, and it’s unique Japanese styling and power. It’s something that many dreamed of owning, as well as the price tag. Bolt also had people turning their heads with his speed and quick jump to the top of the leaderboards as someone that was not a household name until he started winning and showing what he was capable of.

Both the car and the sprinter are two that cannot be matched. Maybe someday there will be someone who will reach and surpass the speed of Bolt. That is considering he stated that 2016 was his last year in the Olympics (however we know that this generally means nothing, just look at Michal Phelps), but the car will remain something of beauty that will allow people to feel unique. Just like the other top supercars out there, you don’t see them on the road regularly, just as you wouldn’t see someone running that fast on the track next to you. They are both a site to behold and enjoy their prowess in their respective fields. But Usain Bolt deserves to be the driver of the Nissan GT-R, in Gold, that matches his gold status.

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